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the wild rover
the wild rover
Ein rover ist ein Wandertier, ein Wanderer, ein Pirat, oder ein Fahrzeug. In diesem irischen Volkslied ist der wild rover jemand, der von Kneipe zu Kneipe wandert und sein Geld versäuft.
Die Melodie von "the wild rover" wurde in den 1980ger Jahren unter dem Titel "an der Nordseeküste" in Deutschland als Schlager bekannt.

the wild rover

I 've been a wild rover for many 's the year
And I 've spent all my money on whisky and beer.
But now I 'm returning with money in great store
And I never will play the wild rover no more.

And it 's no nay never,
No nay never no more,
Will I play the wild rover,
No never no more.

I went into an ale-house I used to frequent
And I told the landlady my money was spent.
I asked her for credit, she answered me: "Nay,
Such a custom as yours I can have every day!"

I then took from my pocket ten sovereigns bright
And the landladys eyes opened wide with delight.
She said: "I have whisky and wines of the best
And the words that you told me were only in jest!"

I 'll go home to my parents cofess what I have done
And I 'll ask them to pardon the prodigal son,
And when they caress me as oft-times before,
I never will play the wild rover no more.